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Alexandra Richer is a strong willed, tough no nonsense Colonel in the Korhaven Airforce, dealing with extreme PTSD after her release from an Elbus POW camp. She is desperately trying to rebuild her shattered life with the help of her devoted husband Klaus. 

Just when she thinks she is through the worst her world is turned upside down again and she’s dragged into a path of self-destruction and her future is in the hands of Antonia a powerful yet cruel Korhaven senator with her eyes on being President using Alex as her pawn in her quest for power.

Set in a dystopian world where the ultra-right wing Korhaven Empire is sweeping the world, Elbus a small poor country fighting back against the tyranny of Korhaven causing more pain and destruction that drag the countries in to a bitter conflict that can only end in innocent lives being destroyed.

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